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Small moments, big memories
Animals with their own, recognizable character

you + me = YAY


You and me together, enjoying the little moments that later become the greatest memories. Wonderful, right? For Yumi Yay, the focus is on the child. We encourage parents and grandparents to create cozy connecting moments together with their (grand)children.


Yumi Yay was founded in Lier (Antwerp, Belgium) in 2020. We wanted to be more than a product, a bigger story. For this we looked for inspiration from real families. If there is one thing parents want more of, it is meaningful moments with their children. Yumi Yay invites parents to create small connecting moments and to crawl into their kids' worlds. Yumi Yay is all about color, playfulness and animals! Enjoy a nice story together by the light of a nice nightlight.


Otti, Finn, Tika and Billy

We delved into the world of children and came up with four animals, each with their own character and story: Finn, Tika, Billy and Otti. These four characters tell the story of Yumi Yay in the form of playful colorful night lights and fine read-aloud books. Each animal has its own story that is strongly linked to the world of children.


Yumi Yay is completely child-oriented! Our products are colorful, functional and safe in children's hands. Discover more about the Yumi Yay pillars below:

Veilig spelen met Yumi Yay

Play safe

Yumi Yay is a child-oriented brand. So safety is an important pillar in the development of our products. We make sure that Yumi Yay products are safe for little hands, mouths and eyes! How do we do this? Think food-grade silicone, LED light, wireless products and everything free of harmful substances (phthalates, BPA, etc.). In addition, of course, all of our products have obtained the necessary safety certificates. Read more here


Design for children and the home

Bye bye beige! Yumi Yay opts for color and playfulness. Why? Because babies and children are attracted to light and color. Furthermore, the design is also fully child-oriented! We put it in a stylish jacket, so it also fits nicely into your interior. So it's a win-win for child and parent, and your interior of course! Read more here

Yumi Yay ons verhaal design
Yumi Yay ons verhaal connecties maken

Building connections

Reading a bedtime story together with the light of the favorite Yumi Yay animal of your child, that's great! It is those small moments that later are great memories for both child and parent. With Yumi Yay parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles can make connections with their children, grandchildren, nieces and godchildren in a nice and cozy way. By designing with children in mind, Yumi Yay invites parents into the world of children. Small moments together strengthen the bond between parent and child.



Yumi Yay is FUNctional! We develop fun products with handy functions aimed at the child. You can search together for the hidden animals in the bedtime stories, choose whether you look at the drawings or read the text. The little books are also handy to take with you when you travel. For the night light we chose a wireless design, interchangeable covers and different light modes. Does your child like to take the light to bed with them, do you use it together as lighting in your tent camp, or do they like to make foam drinks in the bath with the Tika cover? Yumi Yay is multifunctional and flexible!

functioneel voor kinderen Yumi Yay
kinderen stimuleren met Yumi Yay


Yumi Yay develops products with the aim of appealing to children, but also to stimulate the child's development. For instance, the reading books help with the language development of your child. The nightlights stimulate sight and touch through the colorful flexible silicone covers. The stories of Otti, Finn, Billy and Tika are recognizable for children. For example, Otti is sometimes a little scared and Billy doesn't like to take a bath. Parents get the chance to start a conversation. Read more



In the development of the products we pay extra attention to a long life and multifunctionality. So you can use your Yumi Yay products for years! Read more here

Duurzaamheid van Yumi Yay

Our small moments become big memories later. Parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, together with cousins, Yumi Yay is all about filling in the moments consciously and enjoying being together.

Read, play and sleep with Yumi Yay!