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3 reasons why the Yumi Yay nighlights are super safe

3 reasons why the Yumi Yay nighlights are super safe

The Yumi yay nightlights are playful, colorful, handy and trendy. But are they also safe? Of course! In the development of the nightlights, we have given the highest priority to safety.


1.  Led technology and wireless charging


The light inside the nightlight of Yumi Yay shines through LED technology. It means that the nighlights cannot warm up, when the light is on. It makes the lights 100% safe for your children to touch, hold, change covers and to walk around with. They will not burn their little hands, because the light reaches room temperature, regardless the intensity of the light. Yay!

Moreover, you can charge the light wireless. You place the light onto the supplied cradle made of bamboo, without cables or wires. You only need to place the light onto the cradle in order for the battery to recharge. The wooden cradle itself has a power cable to plug into a simple 220V power outlet.

2. Food-grade silicone - covers


The covers of our animal friends are made of food-grade silicone, an extremely safe material. Food-grade silicone is a non-toxic, harmless kind of silicone, which doesn’t contain harmful chemical substances. No BPA, phthalates, lead or latex. It makes food grade silicone an ideal material to use for food-related purposes. A lot of baking tins or re-usable freezer bags are made of food grade silicone.

We consciously opted for this ecological material for the covers, to make sure that children can really play safely with it and that there is no danger when a curious little one nibbles on that delicious little ear of Otti!

3. All the necessary approvals and more!


Each product that is placed on the market in Europe is required to comply with a number of standards and the corresponding authorizations. Our Yumi Yay nightlights obviously obtained the CE-approval, but that is not all. We also specifically looked for the EN71 approval for Toys, and followed the RoHS directive.

We can therefore say: the nighlights of Yumi Yay are 100% childproof!