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Yumi Yay: characters with their own personality

Yumi Yay: characters with their own personality

Each child has a personality that makes him/her unique. Yumi Yay wants to offer more than just baby products. We want to bring together mums, dads and kids to enjoy those special moments. The individual personality of each Yumi Yay figure really brings the character to life, while also bringing parents and children one step closer together.


Emotional development

Your child's emotional development is perhaps the most exciting rollercoaster that your child will go on. After all, your little one is speeding through various stages, all of which contribute to the formation of their own individual character and personality.

This can also be an intense time for you as a mum or dad. After a long day full of stimuli, an evening ritual will help restore peace to your family. Together with Yumi Yay you can enjoy a cosy moment as a family and strengthen the bond with your child(ren).

Recognisable characters

Yumi Yay is much more than a brand that develops baby products. We want to become closer to you and your child, so we went adventuring into the world of children, looking for inspiration. Our Yumi Yay friends each have their own recognisable character



Finn the bird always wants to be the best. She is super playful and makes a game out of everything. Except when she has to clean up... then she makes a quick exit! Like any child, Finn needs to regularly clean up her messy room. She is not allowed to go out and play with her friends until her room is tidy. Sound familiar?

Children (and parents! 😉) don't always like cleaning up. And as a mum or dad, you often find yourself looking for a way to make tidying up fun. The well-known ‘if you do this first...’ compromise is one of the solutions you can use to get your child to do something. "If you put your toys away, you can watch TV for a while."

In Finn's story, the friends all figure out a way to make tidying up fun!


Otti looks like a tough, strong elephant, but actually he’s doesn’t always feel very brave. Otti is shy and is often afraid.

Fear is an emotion that young children are quickly confronted with. They are scared of the dark, they feel worried if they can't see mum or dad, and they’re afraid to do new, exciting things.... Otti's story is very accessible, warm and reassuring for children.

Do you have a little scaredy cat at home? Our baby elephant Otti is a great example and shows that it is totally OK to be scared sometimes!


Billy is a lazy bear who just loves to cuddle. For him, there is no better feeling than waking up on Sunday morning in the big bed between his mum and dad! But when it's time for a bath he quickly runs away, because he hates that.

Billy is not the only child that doesn't like to take a bath. Some kids just don't like all that splashing about or washing their hair. As a parent, it is sometimes difficult to work out how to teach your child something important that they don’t like doing. This could be taking a bath, washing themselves, eating healthy food or wearing a bicycle helmet...

The Yumi Yay friends found a way to make bath time more fun for Billy Bear!

Pushing boundaries

Tika is the monkey among the Yumi Yay friends. She’s totally different from Billy because she is full of energy. She likes to use all that energy to play pranks on her friends. Tika just doesn't always realise when she is going too far and when a joke is no longer funny.

As they are growing up, children repeatedly test their limits. This is how they can find out what they can and can’t do – it’s all part of their development!

The Yumi Yay friends found a fun way to put Tika in her place and make it clear to her that not everything is funny.

The Yumi Yay books are not only fun to read, but are also full of wisdom, which really catches the attention of young children. Are you looking for a fun, educational book for your baby or toddler? Then discover the four Yumi Yay read-aloud books!