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How do the Yumi Yay night lights work?

How do the Yumi Yay night lights work?

Each Yumi Yay night light comes with two animal covers. This means that you have a choice between a set with Billy and Tika and a set with Otti and Finn. You can choose an animal cover with your child(ren) and go on an adventure in the Yumi Yay world. A quick overview of how the lights work and a step-by-step instruction of how to charge the Yumi Yay night lights can be found below!


Charging your light in 5 easy steps


  1. If the night light turns red, it is time to charge it.
  2. Connect the charging nest and plug using the USB cable included.
  3. Plug the nest into a wall socket.
  4. Place the night light on the charging nest. Wait for the light to turn on, as an indication that charging has started.
  5. The night light is fully charged after 3 hours. It can now be used in night mode for 20 hours!

Need more information about the night lights? Download the Yumi Yay manual at the bottom of this page.

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