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conquering fears and dislikes with Yumi Yay

Conquering fears and dislikes with Yumi Yay

Every story has a hero and an enemy, villain or thoughts that hold you back. Brave heroes, frightened heroes, heroes with superpowers and small heroes. Everyone is a hero in their own way. Everyone can conquer their challenges. And this is exactly what Yumi Yay tells in their stories.

Frightened heroes and a good-hearted little villain

The Yumi Yay stories contain different heroes. Otti is a big elephant who is afraid of a lot of things. He conquers his fears and even dares to go ice-skating!

Billy loves playing in the river, but doesn’t like bath-time. He too conquers his fears of being wet and cold after a bath, and discovers the fun of bathing.

Finn is a feisty little bird who loves to fly as fast as a jet! But even she has a daily enemy: cleaning up her room. She absolutely hates it. She and her friends turn the boring task into a fun competition.

Is your child more like a little good-hearted villain who loves pulling pranks and making crazy faces? Then, Tika is your ideal match!

Conquering fears and dislikes with Yumi Yay

In each Yumi Yay story, it’s clear that the main character needs to conquer something. A Yumi Yay friend is never alone, they always have each other’s back. The Yumi Yay stories give children the message that everyone has stuff they need to conquer, but you’re never alone! Your friends and family are always there to help you. There is a hero in every child!

Yumi Yay is a Belgian brand. The Yumi Yay booklets were written by Hanne Luyten and beautifully illustrated by Didier Quoistiaux. Discover all the stories (NL and FR) and matching nightlights here.

conquering fears and dislikes with Yumi Yay