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Celebrate Christmas with Otti!

Celebrate Christmas with Otti!

In “Otti feels a bit afraid”, you and your child have already read that Otti is not the bravest of elephants. He can sometimes get a bit sad about his lack of bravery, but his friends Finn, Tika and Billy help him get over some of his fears. How is Otti going to celebrate Christmas? We would love to tell you!

Or even better, you decide! Because what is better than thinking up your own stories with your child? Get out your Yumi Yay night light, turn the light to the soft setting and cuddle up with your child. You don’t need the Otti book this time, because you and your child are now going to make up a whole new Christmas story!

Are you not very creative, or don’t know how to start?
We will help you on your way!

STEP 1: What is the subject of the short Christmas story?

A few ideas: Ask your child what Otti could be afraid of that has to do with Christmas. Maybe Otti finds something about Christmas very scary. What about the snowman in the garden that can look like a monster when it’s dark. Or maybe Otti is afraid Santa is not going to bring him any presents? Maybe Otti is afraid of heights. Who will now decorate the tree? Use your imagination to think of a great story!

Tip: Does your child get scary or nervous about Christmas? This is the ideal moment to talk about it in a relaxed way and find solutions!

STEP 2: Who will join Otti in the story?

We need another character, so ask your child to pick a Yumi Yay friend to join Otti.

Who is going on the Christmas adventure with Otti? His flying friend Finn? Or will Tika the Monkey come to the rescue? Or maybe Billy Bear is the ideal friend for this adventure?

STEP 3: Think of a solution for Otti’s problem.

Because that is what friends are for! If Otti is afraid of the snowman, Tika will definitely know how to make the snowman look funny and less scary. What about a silly hat? Or a carrot as a nose, but painted a funny colour?

And Finn can help Otti with his fear of heights. If Otti is too afraid to get on a ladder to decorate the tree, Finn can fly around the tree to add the garlands! That’s what friends are for!

These tips can help make a great Yumi Yay story with your child. Don’t forget: Everything is possible in your own magical world!